In a galaxy far, far away... Seth moved from the midwest of Indiana where he moved to the San Fernando Valley. Wanting to put his Theater Degree from Purdue University to work, he moved to CA due to the shortage and demand for new actors. While here, he found a passion of entertaining children through his Church Ministry and the occasional "clowning" around on the weekends. Seth has been a performer for about 15 years. Through mutual friends, he met his future wife and business partner, Theresa. 

Theresa has been a Valley Girl from Cali all her life. She has studied at the Southern California Conservatory for a decade, in addition to California State University of Northridge. Theresa has known for a long time that her passion was to work with kids. She was a previous PreK to 8th Grade Music Teacher. Being around kids, creating smiles and a joyful environment, and working closely with her husband are currently her absolutely favorite things in life.... oh and her pet cat, Frances!

One day, while they were dating, Seth introduced Theresa to twisting balloons and she quickly found an instant new hobby! From there it was history, they got engaged, started a new Party Entertainment Company as you know today as Madcap Balloons. They eventually got married and have been blessed together for almost 4 years now!


As they continue to expand their business, they have grown from just the two of them to multiple, wonderful performers. The troupe of Madcap artists continue to entertain the Southern California area.